A Brief History…
National Marketing Associates, Inc, started training for companies in 1983. We have trained thousands of students since that time. Many of our students have received job promotions, large sales increases and are still using the skills learned from the trainings because they work. These same skills have helped our students build strong relationships with their family and loved ones.

Who are our customers?
We have customers in many countries around the world who are using our Sales Training techniques. We travel to companies and offer complete onsite training to get the Sales results they are looking for. These programs are usually customized to fit their unique selling or communication challenges. Our customers have been Fortune 500 and have been small business people also.

We work best with companies or individuals who have a desire to make changes to their sales and have a habit of striving to become more successful. They value the rapport and relationships with their prospects and customers and expect to get outstanding results from making changes. They don’t like the fact they are Turning off on 75% of their business by not using our Sales techniques.

What is unique about our programs?
Our Sales training programs teach students how to fit their whole presentations to the unconscious mind of their prospect or client. Everything from rapport building, questions, presentation, closing, is tailored specifically to how the prospect or client habitually makes decisions and wants to buy. This will automatically increase sales and results at least 25% to over 300%.

We also can erase fears or limiting beliefs within minutes permanently that plague most people and limit their performance. Fear of failure, cold calling, loosing control, fear of success, public speaking, etc. Beliefs they can only earn a certain amount, or believe they can’t learn more, etc.

Turn around your marginal sales people, supercharge your high achievers with our Specialized techniques which work equally well on the telephone or face to face. Complex sales with multiple decision makers over long periods of time work well with our Sales techniques.