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Another Successful Edward Jones client

Edward D. Jones & Co. Reed Hadley 1554 Broadway Investment Representative Longview, WA 98632 Tel (360) 577~0153 Edwardlone March 1, 1996 Thomas Caddy National Marketing Associates 1335 SW 66th Suite 230 Portland, OR 97225 Dear Tom, Yes, I was a skeptic of your sales system, but watching you sign-up the three other Jones brokers at […]

Sales Coaching for Edward Jones Investments

Using our sales coaching and sales training courses “Sales Mastery” as well as “Master Your Mind”  (formally known as the Caddy Method and Level 1 Sales Communications) Dear Thomas, After the completion of the two classes above on June 6th 2003 my production increased 40% in June, From May, and 50% in July, and 60% […]

Integra Telecom

I completed the Caddy Method and the Level One Communications course and with in 15 days my sales had increased 800%. Now I am reaching my goals financially as well as personally.  I would recommend this training to any one looking for fast results. Brenda Griffith Account Executive

another sales coaching success

Hi Thomas,   In 2008 I like a lot of other people was struggling to build a strong business in a multi level marketing company.     The company I chose was “Send Out Cards”.  When I met Thomas at a Vancouver C Of C meeting I was in my 6th month with Send Out Cards and had […]

Could coaching pay off for you?

Last week I got off the phone with one of my younger clients that I coach. Only, 31, he made close to 400,000.00 last year using my coaching techniques. He started at around 70,000 and we kept installing new income beliefs about money goals. Money and opportunities just flowed to him like a magnet. As […]

Are you a fear of loss person?

Fear of loss people run around over analyzing and seldom take action.They need to be certain before they buy that the product or service will work for them before they buy. Since they can’t be sure it will work for them, then they procrastinate going ahead. Multilevel marketers make a fortune selling to them because […]


How to erase your fear or negative self talk forever

Fastest way to remove fears or negative self-talk. Identify the fear locate the feeling you get from it in your body. (Head, chest, shoulders, back, stomach, hips, legs, etc. Make the feeling from the fear stronger now! The voice in your head that made the feeling stronger, is it in the front, back or middle […]

Thomas Caddy Does It Again

A recent class held by Thomas had the standard class demographics. Obstacles, fears, preconceived notions and other metal blocks that would prevent success. Through out the course of the classes, as typically happens, individuals overcome the blocks that are in the way by identifying, and removing the mental blocks. As with every class we like […]