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Thomas Caddy Does It Again

A recent class held by Thomas had the standard class demographics. Obstacles, fears, preconceived notions and other metal blocks that would prevent success. Through out the course of the classes, as typically happens, individuals overcome the blocks that are in the way by identifying, and removing the mental blocks. As with every class we like […]

Hot information !

Qualified. Interviewed. Rejected. Why? They told me I was the most qualified for the job but they didn’t hire me. Why? The One Secret to Interview Success Chances are you missed the one secret ingredient to interview success. What happened? Or didn’t? Have you noticed some people have a knack for connecting? They always seem […]



When I go out to call on prospects, some seem to have a habit of putting things off till later.  They say things like call me back in 90 days.  I f they took action on my training programs in 90 days their sales would increase by 75% at least.  Pushing your success down the […]

Goal setting 2014

Here it is the start of January 2014 and many of you might be jotting down their goals for this year.  This is a great time to review the goals you set for last year and notice which ones you didn’t accomplish!  Maybe the reason for this was you are writing down something on paper […]


Just Gaining Rapport is not enough to close the deal

There are alot of training programs out now that give you insights into gaining rapport with another person.  It’s alot like going on a coffee date then not closing for the next one.  There are people that can be closed just from building rapport with them.  They represent about 20% of your prospects.  Closing the […]


How to sabotage your sales

First, don’t bother to build rapport jump right in an dominate the conversation.  After that, don’t bother to ask questions because they might actually give you the information needed to close the sale.  Don’t bother to see if they have a need or interest for your product or service just give them all the facts […]

Dream build to make more sales

Dream building is the essence of selling. There are still some people who think selling is loading you up with facts, then when that doesn’t work they close harder and pressure you. There is no one more deadly at closing than a small child, who can work your emotions and get you to do what […]

What causes people to procrastinate?

There is always a rush to do it at the last minute, then when it doesn’t get done to verbally beat yourself up! Deep down these people run on fear of failure and making mistakes.  So, rather than starting out early and doing little steps at a time, they are imagining the result not working […]