These Simple Techniques Will Incease Your Profits And You Will Enjoy Using Them!

What’s your closing average on the telephone? 30%? 50%? A frustrating response! Experiencing rejection is just part of the job in getting enough people to say yes. Have you heard the old line, “It’s a numbers game; it takes so many calls to get those appointments, so get busy!” After you get the appointment, does the prospect cancel or resist buying your product or service? How do you feel about that? Read more

A common mistake many sales people make in trying to persuade their prospects to buy their products or services is listing features and benefits. This strategy usually yields resistant prospects who feel they are being “sold” something for which they have no need or want. Read more

Would you like to know how to get your client involved with your product or service? How would you like to build strong rapport with those clients within minutes? What would you do with the extra time you would have? This is all possible through National Marketing Associates Inc. communications programs. They provide the missing link to sales and management professionals. Read more