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    Thomas has shared this easy-to-use tool for helping thousands of people erase their fears and negative self-talk in minutes permanently. Imagine erasing all of yours. What would be different in your life? How have you let fears stop you from moving ahead with your best life? Thomas will give you 30 minutes of coaching with this short course for free. Just contact him.
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    Learn to easily erase any fears or negative self talk you might have in just 2 minutes and learn to erase old habits and beliefs and change them to the new ones you create in about 4 or 5 minutes. These are permanent lasting changes that you make yourself. You learn how to create a complete written down goal plan for your life. Best of all, After you purchase the course, you can get free coaching from Thomas who will help you make the changes you dream about.
  • Price: $597.00
    Sales Mastery program will teach you to have more confidence and make the selling process way more fun, set more appointments and increase your sales by 25% to over 300% in 2 to 90 days. Build rapport with almost anyone, close your deals with 4 sentences your prospects will even give you the words to use on them. Best of all, you get free coaching with Thomas after you purchase the program.
  • Price: $797.00
    Builds on the Sales Mastery Course with advanced topics and personalized 1 to 1 coaching with client. Great for website content creation to persuade prospects to use your service. Great for persuading groups of people. Great for one on one sales and negotiations.
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