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Usually these people are fear of loss motivation.

How do you know they are fear of loss? You can easily tell from the answers they give you about past decisions which usually involved avoiding pain.

That means, when you are giving them the great sales pitch that is very positive only you can see the positive outcome not them. They see it not working then the boss or some else yelling at them or possibly getting fired for going with your offering. What are they really telling you? Troubleshooting this movie starts with how good of rapport did you have with them thruout the presentation? Did you build the movie of ownership as if it is happily working for them? (that close is on page 38 of Sales Mastery # 2 finger) When you qualified them, did you get them to tell you how they have successfully bought in the past? Did you write this all down and then feed it back to them using the same words for your offering?

If you can get them to recall several past decisions where they successfully went ahead, this builds up a sense of confidence in them they could do the same thing with your offering. Also, you can mention to them that making a decision on your offering is a lot like making those past successful decisions. Also buy making their pain much worse by not going with you by getting them to visualize their pain in the future, they will go with you to avoid the pain.

This ratio of fear of lose people could be around 80% of your prospects. Learning to ask more questions about how they did things in the past will give you the ammo you need to sell them in the present more easily. Sometimes breaking things down into smaller payments will get them to sign.

Sometimes blowing up their loss by doing nothing stretched out to over a year or more comparied to the gain of using your offering works.

But if you don’t maintain very good rapport thruout the presentation with them good luck.

Hopefully, this gave you some tips to make your selling job easier.

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Sep 6, 2012

Thomas Caddy

National Marketing Associates

10480 SW Eastridge St. #63

Portland, OFt 97225

Dear Thomas,

lt really was great to meet you! I never would have thought that the tips you gave me during our initial meeting would have made this big of a success.

My business has tripled by leaving my tears on the top of my car roof and by paying attention to my client’s voice and gestures.

This is even before I have taken your ‘classes I thought l knew it all when it came to sales, but now l know that the slightest things can make or break a sale.

You are also well connected. Thank you for thinking of me when you see fit. There are a lot of artist out there that l do not know, and one day will find a place for their masterpieces.

l look forward to taking your class in September and even getting better results!


Many thanks,


Chris Pero

Perodesign Art & Framing