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Dear reader,

I started this training only three weeks ago. I had fears and limiting beliefs that were so strong that people around me seemed to pick up on it. Many years of study and grinding has gone on to improve me as a person. I did not think it was possible to make a change in one session, that is because I believed it was “another one of those sales trainings”. It was not until I met Thomas that it all seemed to click.

I could fill this post with all the things that have taken place in three short weeks. The one that I would like to highlight is that my first time with him in person resulted in me getting rid of some of those limiting beliefs. Then one week after that, Thomas was on the phone with me, we went over getting rid of some of the other troubles going on in my head. After about an hour, Thomas helped me clear out some of the strongest feels I have that I went to counseling for two years to reconcile with! The next seven days resulted in 100% closure rate, patients began to laugh with me, I am getting better results with my kids, and I even put on a talk for 45minutes at my grandfathers church without fear!

If you want to hear more feel free to contact me personally, 503-535-9620. It is fantastic feeling this confident for the first time in my life.
This is for high achievers, you may not be up to the challenge.

Thanks Thomas!

What happened when a Farmers Insurance agent applied the training skills?
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Sep 6, 2012

Thomas Caddy

National Marketing Associates

10480 SW Eastridge St. #63

Portland, OFt 97225

Dear Thomas,

lt really was great to meet you! I never would have thought that the tips you gave me during our initial meeting would have made this big of a success.

My business has tripled by leaving my tears on the top of my car roof and by paying attention to my client’s voice and gestures.

This is even before I have taken your ‘classes I thought l knew it all when it came to sales, but now l know that the slightest things can make or break a sale.

You are also well connected. Thank you for thinking of me when you see fit. There are a lot of artist out there that l do not know, and one day will find a place for their masterpieces.

l look forward to taking your class in September and even getting better results!


Many thanks,


Chris Pero

Perodesign Art & Framing