Farmers Insurance Manager makes big breakthrough in his sales in 30 days





I found myself baffled about my sales skills, after being in sales for 10 years, and in the Insurance business for 7 more years beyond that I felt like I could accomplish more; I was mediocre at best. I was confused about why I was unable to connect with half of my clients. On top of that, I was upset that I was having a hard time selling life insurance.

I asked my peers and my insurance manager what I was doing wrong, and I got the same canned speech. I witnessed about 10% of the agents doubling the amount of business that I was doing ‘in half the time. What really made me crazy was that, when I approached these successful agents and asked them how they are selling all of these insurance policies in half the time of everyone else, all they would say is, It the amount of time I have been selling or a numbers game,


Logically, I could not connect with this idea, because I had been selling for a long time,and if their philosophy was true then I would be a super star. S0 I was forced to look outside the industry to find my answers.

I had the honor of training with Thomas Caddy in his classes; Level 1 communication, Level 2 communication and the Caddy method. The first time I met with Thomas I knew there was something unique about him and his methods. The first two weeks, after taking his Caddy method and Level I

communication. I sold l0 life insurance policies! All of the other agents were asking what changed in me and I only used two words “Caddy Method.”

Thomas is a decorated member of my community and has put in countless hours of his time to the helping the common salesperson. Thomas has also helped to implement plans and programs that has enrich the lives of those around him.  Thomas’s leadership and organizational skills have been invaluable to these programs, most of which have been started from the ground up.

In my opinion,


Thomas unwavering devotion to his community exemplifies strong moral  fiber and character. He is a trustworthy individual and would be an excellent teacher, recreate a new start in any person who wants to achieve results in life, business or other adventures.




Eric Christopher


RPM Farmers Insurance District 5




Another Successful Edward Jones client

Edward D. Jones & Co. Reed Hadley
1554 Broadway Investment Representative
Longview, WA 98632
Tel (360) 577~0153
March 1, 1996
Thomas Caddy
National Marketing Associates
1335 SW 66th Suite 230
Portland, OR 97225
Dear Tom,
Yes, I was a skeptic of your sales system, but watching you sign-up the
three other Jones brokers at your meeting led me to believe that there must
be some merit to your system’.”I have found it to be a powerful way to
establish a relationship and trust with a prospect.
I’ve been studying for two months and am only two weeks out of the
class, but my net has increased by 40% in those two months. Then there
was today: A newly widowed lady was led into my office a couple of days
ago by her brother who felt she should have a Jones rep help her with her
’investments’. Her last experience was 17 years ago when her investment
representative was convicted of embezzlement. Needless to say she was
ready to bolt.
Using your system over three appointments she gained my trust and
we invested some of her money. She can hardly wait for her CDs to come
due so that she can come back. My net today exceeded my previous year’s
monthly average by 50%. I have to attribute some of that to your system.
I’d be happy to answer question that other Jones representatives may
have about your course. It sure makes this job more fun!
Very truly yours,

Reed Hadley

Here is another one of my successful students from Clackamas Communications Inc.

Dear Mr. Caddy

I just wanted to let you know about my sales performance since I completed your Level One training seminar.  I learned some very good sales techniques that I use daily.  I have found that the five point hand chart is very useful to me when I’m selling over the phone.  It causes my potential customers to seriously think about why my product is best suited to them.  More often than not, it affords me .  Well I am visiting my clients to close sales immediately or at least not when they will be ready to purchase.when I am visiting my clients.  I find that I can now match my clients style and establish better rapport with them.  Being able to determine my clients style or mode is helpful to me in closing sales my you in sales figures sure that my gross sales as well as my net profits are worse off to a good start with my January sales 100% over last year.  On average are generally not at least 7% more profit person compared to the other salespeople with the company.  I that this is due to selling the customer on our productand not just the price.  Your course has not need to sell my products for what they are and not their price.

Even though I spent only two days with you at the seminar I wanted to thank you for your concern to each student with their individual needs.


David KEMP

Sales Coaching for Edward Jones Investments

Using our sales coaching and sales training courses “Sales Mastery” as well as “Master Your Mind”  (formally known as the Caddy Method and Level 1 Sales Communications)

Dear Thomas,

After the completion of the two classes above on June 6th 2003 my production increased 40% in June, From May, and 50% in July, and 60% for the month of August.

I paid for my classes the first Month, as a matter of fact my increases in production also paid for my Level 2 Master Communicator Class in June! I can’t wait to see how my production increase’s after the completion of the Level 2 class.

I wanted to send this letter you you, to say not to hesitate to use my name or to have any potential students call me with any questions or concerns.  I have seen fellow students DRAMATICALLY  change their lives , before my eyes, I don’t think you realize what you have done for many of them, or for me.



Chuck Price

Investment Representative

Edward Jones Investments

Integra Telecom

I completed the Caddy Method and the Level One Communications course and with in 15 days my sales had increased 800%.

Now I am reaching my goals financially as well as personally.  I would recommend this training to any one looking for fast results.

Brenda Griffith

Account Executive

another sales coaching success

Hi Thomas,


In 2008 I like a lot of other people was struggling to build a strong business in a multi level marketing company.  


The company I chose was “Send Out Cards”.  When I met Thomas at a Vancouver C Of C meeting I was in my 6th month with Send Out Cards and had only signed up 6 new distributors in my down line., but really needed at least 12! 


After taking the sales class from Thomas my business really took off! With in the next 6 months I signed up another 12 new distributors and 6 months later I was up to 24 distributors and 36 customers!  This spurt of growth was due in large measure to the skills and concepts I learned in the two day class I took with Thomas  Caddy!


Before I relocated to Las Vegas to become publisher with Whats On Magazine in January 2010 my Send Out Cards business had grown to 40 distributors and over 50 customers!


I’m still receiving monthly checks from Send Out Cards, due to using the skills I learned from Tom.  Not to mention I’m using them today in my advertising business and they’re just as powerful now in this business as they were in 2008 when Tom first introduced them to me.


Jim McGlasson

Could coaching pay off for you?

Last week I got off the phone with one of my younger clients that I coach. Only, 31, he made close to 400,000.00 last year using my coaching techniques.
He started at around 70,000 and we kept installing new income beliefs about money goals. Money and opportunities just flowed to him like a magnet. As usual he thought I was crazy to make him set such huge goals because not everyone makes that kind of income. This year for fun we installed a goal of 1 million in income. Funny thing when we talked he said he is working on a deal that could make him that goal this year and its only august. One of my other clients in Utah, that I have been coaching last couple of years and making him remove his fears and negative thinking, made 3,000.00 last week. He moved into a outside office and has 3 people working for him now and business is flooding in. I prompted him to study the Sales Mastery Home study and pushed him to keep setting his income movies way higher. They both agree They should have set those income goals much higher to start with. My point here is everyone has a very powerful unconscious mind that when properly programmed can attract to you Wealth, Health, Relationships and more Fun that you can possible imagine. Are you ready to step out and be a leader or have you convinced yourself it only happens to other people? Call me and start a conversation about making your wildest dreams come true.

Thomas Caddy 5032082739 or