Art & Framing


Sep 6, 2012

Thomas Caddy

National Marketing Associates

10480 SW Eastridge St. #63

Portland, OFt 97225

Dear Thomas,

lt really was great to meet you! I never would have thought that the tips you gave me during our initial meeting would have made this big of a success.

My business has tripled by leaving my tears on the top of my car roof and by paying attention to my client’s voice and gestures.

This is even before I have taken your ‘classes I thought l knew it all when it came to sales, but now l know that the slightest things can make or break a sale.

You are also well connected. Thank you for thinking of me when you see fit. There are a lot of artist out there that l do not know, and one day will find a place for their masterpieces.

l look forward to taking your class in September and even getting better results!


Many thanks,


Chris Pero

Perodesign Art & Framing