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March 1, 1996
Thomas Caddy
National Marketing Associates
1335 SW 66th Suite 230
Portland, OR 97225
Dear Tom,
Yes, I was a skeptic of your sales system, but watching you sign-up the
three other Jones brokers at your meeting led me to believe that there must
be some merit to your system’.”I have found it to be a powerful way to
establish a relationship and trust with a prospect.
I’ve been studying for two months and am only two weeks out of the
class, but my net has increased by 40% in those two months. Then there
was today: A newly widowed lady was led into my office a couple of days
ago by her brother who felt she should have a Jones rep help her with her
’investments’. Her last experience was 17 years ago when her investment
representative was convicted of embezzlement. Needless to say she was
ready to bolt.
Using your system over three appointments she gained my trust and
we invested some of her money. She can hardly wait for her CDs to come
due so that she can come back. My net today exceeded my previous year’s
monthly average by 50%. I have to attribute some of that to your system.
I’d be happy to answer question that other Jones representatives may
have about your course. It sure makes this job more fun!
Very truly yours,

Reed Hadley