Dear Mr. Caddy

I just wanted to let you know about my sales performance since I completed your Level One training seminar.  I learned some very good sales techniques that I use daily.  I have found that the five point hand chart is very useful to me when I’m selling over the phone.  It causes my potential customers to seriously think about why my product is best suited to them.  More often than not, it affords me .  Well I am visiting my clients to close sales immediately or at least not when they will be ready to purchase.when I am visiting my clients.  I find that I can now match my clients style and establish better rapport with them.  Being able to determine my clients style or mode is helpful to me in closing sales my you in sales figures sure that my gross sales as well as my net profits are worse off to a good start with my January sales 100% over last year.  On average are generally not at least 7% more profit person compared to the other salespeople with the company.  I that this is due to selling the customer on our productand not just the price.  Your course has not need to sell my products for what they are and not their price.

Even though I spent only two days with you at the seminar I wanted to thank you for your concern to each student with their individual needs.


David KEMP