I found myself baffled about my sales skills, after being in sales for 10 years, and in the Insurance business for 7 more years beyond that I felt like I could accomplish more; I was mediocre at best. I was confused about why I was unable to connect with half of my clients. On top of that, I was upset that I was having a hard time selling life insurance.

I asked my peers and my insurance manager what I was doing wrong, and I got the same canned speech. I witnessed about 10% of the agents doubling the amount of business that I was doing ‘in half the time. What really made me crazy was that, when I approached these successful agents and asked them how they are selling all of these insurance policies in half the time of everyone else, all they would say is, It the amount of time I have been selling or a numbers game,


Logically, I could not connect with this idea, because I had been selling for a long time,and if their philosophy was true then I would be a super star. S0 I was forced to look outside the industry to find my answers.

I had the honor of training with Thomas Caddy in his classes; Level 1 communication, Level 2 communication and the Caddy method. The first time I met with Thomas I knew there was something unique about him and his methods. The first two weeks, after taking his Caddy method and Level I

communication. I sold l0 life insurance policies! All of the other agents were asking what changed in me and I only used two words “Caddy Method.”

Thomas is a decorated member of my community and has put in countless hours of his time to the helping the common salesperson. Thomas has also helped to implement plans and programs that has enrich the lives of those around him.  Thomas’s leadership and organizational skills have been invaluable to these programs, most of which have been started from the ground up.

In my opinion,


Thomas unwavering devotion to his community exemplifies strong moral  fiber and character. He is a trustworthy individual and would be an excellent teacher, recreate a new start in any person who wants to achieve results in life, business or other adventures.




Eric Christopher


RPM Farmers Insurance District 5