Hi Thomas,


In 2008 I like a lot of other people was struggling to build a strong business in a multi level marketing company.  


The company I chose was “Send Out Cards”.  When I met Thomas at a Vancouver C Of C meeting I was in my 6th month with Send Out Cards and had only signed up 6 new distributors in my down line., but really needed at least 12! 


After taking the sales class from Thomas my business really took off! With in the next 6 months I signed up another 12 new distributors and 6 months later I was up to 24 distributors and 36 customers!  This spurt of growth was due in large measure to the skills and concepts I learned in the two day class I took with Thomas  Caddy!


Before I relocated to Las Vegas to become publisher with Whats On Magazine in January 2010 my Send Out Cards business had grown to 40 distributors and over 50 customers!


I’m still receiving monthly checks from Send Out Cards, due to using the skills I learned from Tom.  Not to mention I’m using them today in my advertising business and they’re just as powerful now in this business as they were in 2008 when Tom first introduced them to me.


Jim McGlasson