Last week I got off the phone with one of my younger clients that I coach. Only, 31, he made close to 400,000.00 last year using my coaching techniques.
He started at around 70,000 and we kept installing new income beliefs about money goals. Money and opportunities just flowed to him like a magnet. As usual he thought I was crazy to make him set such huge goals because not everyone makes that kind of income. This year for fun we installed a goal of 1 million in income. Funny thing when we talked he said he is working on a deal that could make him that goal this year and its only august. One of my other clients in Utah, that I have been coaching last couple of years and making him remove his fears and negative thinking, made 3,000.00 last week. He moved into a outside office and has 3 people working for him now and business is flooding in. I prompted him to study the Sales Mastery Home study and pushed him to keep setting his income movies way higher. They both agree They should have set those income goals much higher to start with. My point here is everyone has a very powerful unconscious mind that when properly programmed can attract to you Wealth, Health, Relationships and more Fun that you can possible imagine. Are you ready to step out and be a leader or have you convinced yourself it only happens to other people? Call me and start a conversation about making your wildest dreams come true.

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