Have you noticed how sales people get in a comfort zone on making sales?  They push themselves to make calls and contact people, then get some rejection and slide back into their comfortable way of doing things.

Top sales people learn to challenge themselves to find new clients and keep going.   How do they start doing this?  They write down goals that are measurable and daily tasks to get them done.  They dream about the results they want.  They diversify their efforts in different areas, so that if they have some slow results in some areas, they can move to take advantage in others.  They listen to the voices in their heads that want to play safe and remove them.  (see my fearbuster article for help with this) and keep going.  Pretty soon, they move to the next level in their sales.  As they create these new movies of the results they want, they step into these movies and become the salesperson they dream about!   Also, their unconscious mind will start attracting new business to them as a result.  Why not change your game plan for higher results?