Have you ever noticed that when a salesperson has a fear, they try to suppress it and go on anyway?  Yesterday, I was have a conversation with a comcast installer who had a terrible fear of approaching people.  He had tried to rationlize it away, but it still kept coming up and producing very tight feelings in his back.  I suggested I could remove it from his mind in about 1 min.  He said its really hard to change.  I asked him again if he wanted it gone?  He finally agreed.

It took me about 1 minute to stop that fear cold, and then about another 2 minutes to erase the tension in his back that was bringing him to his knees.  People seem to have this belief that even if it hurts, they will just suppress it and soldier on.  “It’s not that bad”  ” I can deal with it”  ” I’ve tried to change but its really hard”  I tell my students to go to my “Fear buster article” in my articles section and use the tool!