Here it is the start of January 2014 and many of you might be jotting down their goals for this year.  This is a great time to review the goals you set for last year and notice which ones you didn’t accomplish!  Maybe the reason for this was you are writing down something on paper without visualizing and seeing yourself doing it.  If you have this in your body, looking out thru your eyes view, this would bring up the voices in your head that are urging you on or telling you why it won’t work for you.

At this point, you can use some of the tools I teach in The Caddy Method course to erase the limiting voices and beliefs or you can try and keep visualizing in the hope that your unconscious mind will accept them and draw it to you.  Much better to change your limiting beliefs and negative self talk if you are going to accomplish your stretch goals.  Also, smart to install the new movies in your head in that special place called your true frame so they run automatically.

For more information on how to do this order The Caddy Method course and learn to easily do this for yourself.