When the sales person confronts the fear based person, they try to give them the benefits of using their new product or service.  However, the fear based person only remembers the last time they bought something and imagines why it won’t work for them.  Tactic #1 is to over emphisize why it woun’t work for them.  This will force them to consider the positive side to oppose you and help them see the benefitss more easily.  Tactic #2   Future pace them into using the product or service like 6 months or more has gone by.  A phrase like:  Just suppose that 6 months have gone by now and you had already bought our product or service and you had gotten all these benefits( make this seem specific to them. ) you need to build the benefits up with sensory words here, then ask them how they feel ontheir own, they can’t make a happy future movie, but with your assistance in building the movie for them, they get it and then can move ahead to buy from you!