There are alot of training programs out now that give you insights into gaining rapport with another person.  It’s alot like going on a coffee date then not closing for the next one.  There are people that can be closed just from building rapport with them.  They represent about 20% of your prospects.  Closing the deal involves building a movie of ownership with the prospect involved in it.  You need to know how they bought before, who was involved, how long did it take them to go ahead.  Finally, to start closing your deals in 4 sentences with the prospects own words, you need to ask them questions that get them to re elicit how specifically they made a decision like this in the past.  See my article on Eliciting Your prospects Decision Making Order on my website for further details.  As you build this movie of them owning your product or service, you have to get excited and use descriptive words, like a romance novel to get them dreaming about already owning.