Using our sales coaching and sales training courses “Sales Mastery” as well as “Master Your Mind”  (formally known as the Caddy Method and Level 1 Sales Communications)

Dear Thomas,

After the completion of the two classes above on June 6th 2003 my production increased 40% in June, From May, and 50% in July, and 60% for the month of August.

I paid for my classes the first Month, as a matter of fact my increases in production also paid for my Level 2 Master Communicator Class in June! I can’t wait to see how my production increase’s after the completion of the Level 2 class.

I wanted to send this letter you you, to say not to hesitate to use my name or to have any potential students call me with any questions or concerns.  I have seen fellow students DRAMATICALLY  change their lives , before my eyes, I don’t think you realize what you have done for many of them, or for me.



Chuck Price

Investment Representative

Edward Jones Investments