You are at the end of your presentation and you ask them to buy and they look at the amount it costs and start to get cold feet.  Probably saying that’s a lot of money.  The solution to this problem starts farther back in the qualification process.  Let say you know that your product or service is $1,000.00.  After you build rapport you begin to ask your prospect about other things they have bought for around $1,000.00 or more in the past.  Get them to fill you in on the details of how they went about making the decision to spend the money and how they justified the cost.  Once you write down the answers to these questions, then you can use these answers to get them to justify spending $1,000.00 on your product or service.  Customers will always make decisions today the same as they have done in the past.  Don’t attempt to change their decision making with your views.  Use their own against them and close your deals easier and faster.