Ok, you have to use the phone to make calls. You get all fired up to start calling and make the first dial. Your prospect answers and you start you talk.
In that moment you are rejecting about 75% of the callers your talking to. These prospects are prone to talking to people who act like them on the phone. So, from the first hello, you take the time to match their voice tone and speed before delivering your important message. Their voice tone could be up, down, flat or melodic. After hello, they may shift thru these other 3 modes to communicate with you. Its very important to match their order with your speaking. Probably more important than all the information you want to tell them. They will continue this dance thru these 4 modes repeatedly as they talk with you. The better you dance with them and match the more appointments and closes you will make. For more details on this look on my website under Level one materials and classes. My best student using this was a radio station who got 18 appointments from 20 calls.