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    For over 35 years, I have taught successful businesses how to triple their sales and erase their fears holding them back within 2-90 Days

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After coaching for over 35 years, we’ve discovered the secrets to high performance selling include both training the subconscious mind as well as learning the right selling techniques.

Over the years we have seen our students average an increase in sales between 25% to over 300% in the first 2-90 days. How much do you dream about making?

Start with your head

Are fears of failure, rejection, losing control keeping you from reaching your sales? Are negative self talk like”I don’t deserve”, “I must be perfect”, or “You’ll never amount to anything”, running your subconscious ragged? Is your movie of your success blurry, or not coming through enough to motivate you? Are you creating goals or goal movies? Do you even have written goals? Or are you just winging it, hoping for the best?

My training shows you how to easily erase fears, negative self talk, and the limiting beliefs holding you back from massive success.

Learn how sales is not a numbers game

Without this training you are already missing out on 75% of the prospects you are talking to over the phone or face to face.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get that back? Selling more in less time, with the customer happy to buy and give referrals. No more high pressure. Customers qualify themselves to you instead of you qualifying them. You can close your deals in 4 sentences with the words the customer has to hear to buy easily.

Train your team

When we talk to business owners, and sales managers they always say, “if we could clone myself then we could make a lot of sales”. Imagine a sales force that’s highly motivated and fearless, trained to make even more money than the boss?

That’s what we do for companies. We have the success stories to back it up.

In My Client’s Own Words

I have had an amazing experience with Thomas and his coaching! I highly recommend reaching out and improving your sales. The worst thing that can happen is you will have to pay more taxes 😉

Kimberly L

Thomas, your class has completely changed the way I do business, connect with people, and measure my success. Thomas pulled out fears I didn’t even know I had. I have always dreaded the telephone, not anymore. I can hardly put the phone down! I am doing my best to keep up with all my new prospects.

Cassie D.

I met with Thomas yesterday and had an awesome meeting with him. After the meeting I had appointments all day with customers and I closed out one of my largest sales at the end of the day to the tune of $2,500 the 1st afternoon and by the end of the month made over $20,000 of income. Then Thomas helped me set a new goal of $40,000 and 5 months later I actually made $42,000 in three weeks. I can’t say anything bad about this great training course. Thomas has helped me set a new goal of $60,000 per month, and I feel I’m going to reach that soon.

Thanks again to Thomas for all of his patience and help.

Doak S.

We went though the Caddy method and did the “toilet”exercise at the end.  I focused on procrastination. While I’m still not getting everything done, amazingly, procrastination isn’t popping up in my daily routine. Sure, I still get off task at times, but it’s not an intentional before. It definitely worked and I’m amazed that it has stuck with absolutely no conscious thought on my part.

Thank you!

Eric JohniseePartner, Drive Accounting

Art broker uses Thomas Caddy's program to Triple her sales the first month!

Perodesign Art & Framing   Sep 6, 2012 Thomas Caddy National Marketing Associates 10480 SW Eastridge St. #63 Portland, OFt 97225 Dear Thomas, lt really was great to meet you! I never would have thought that…

Farmers Insurance Manager makes big breakthrough in his sales in 30 days

  FARMERS INSURANCE 8/20/2011 I found myself baffled about my sales skills, after being in sales for 10 years, and in the Insurance business for 7 more years beyond that I felt like I could accomplish more; I was mediocre at…

Another Successful Edward Jones client

Edward D. Jones & Co. Reed Hadley 1554 Broadway Investment Representative Longview, WA 98632 Tel (360) 577~0153 Edwardlone March 1, 1996 Thomas Caddy National Marketing Associates 1335 SW 66th Suite 230 Portland, OR 97225 Dear…

Here is another one of my successful students from Clackamas Communications Inc.

Dear Mr. Caddy I just wanted to let you know about my sales performance since I completed your Level One training seminar.  I learned some very good sales techniques that I use daily.  I have found that the five point hand chart is very…

Sales Coaching for Edward Jones Investments

Using our sales coaching and sales training courses "Sales Mastery" as well as "Master Your Mind"  (formally known as the Caddy Method and Level 1 Sales Communications) Dear Thomas, After the completion of the two classes above on June…

Integra Telecom

I completed the Caddy Method and the Level One Communications course and with in 15 days my sales had increased 800%. Now I am reaching my goals financially as well as personally.  I would recommend this training to any one looking for fast…

another sales coaching success

Hi Thomas,   In 2008 I like a lot of other people was struggling to build a strong business in a multi level marketing company.     The company I chose was "Send Out Cards".  When I met Thomas at a Vancouver C Of C meeting I was in…

Could coaching pay off for you?

Last week I got off the phone with one of my younger clients that I coach. Only, 31, he made close to 400,000.00 last year using my coaching techniques. He started at around 70,000 and we kept installing new income beliefs about money goals.…

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